What can you expect at a Voices of the Dead show?

We have two different types of shows. We have our usual metal oriented show which consists of tons of blood, gore and blasphemy. We have custom made horror props that spray blood as well as a live collection of dead animals in jars. We also have nearly naked zombie girls dancing on stage with us eviscerating corpses and more.
We also have "The Voice of Death in Nature" tribal show which has more of a focus on tribal drum circles, fire spinning, bon fires and partying in the woods. The Voice of Death in Nature can be performed literally anywhere, the metal show does better in venues or house parties. We have a generator which allows us to play out in the middle of nowhere, which we do regularly once the weather is appropriate. The usual props, blood spraying and videos projected behind the band will be in action. I'll play anywhere, anytime so long as expenses are covered. The only expenses we ask is gas money, maybe a place to park and some vegan food to eat. Our full sized school bus is fairly effecient on gas and can haul a whole lot of people out to gigs with us.
Full touring is resuming this April! Contact death@voicesofthedead.com if you'd like to discuss potential booking.
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