Recording Services

Voices of the Dead Mobile Studio is currently in Fitchburg, Ma. I can come to you to record your band, or you can record in my school bus studio. Mixing can be done anywhere via the internet, just send me the files.

Pricing: $20/hour

How does our pricing work? find the cheapest studio around, and i'll charge less than that as long as im making at least $20/hour. I believe everyone deserves high quality recordings whether you are poor or rich. For a rough estimate, if you are a band that is well rehearsed, say you can record all the songs on the first or second take, that would take about 2 hours. Quick mixes for each song could be done in a half hour each for a 12 song full length. That adds up to about 8 hours total x $20 an hour would be $160 to record and mix your whole album. Mastering will cost a mere $5 a track. Realistically, we could record a super high quality full length album for $150 and up depending on how much time you want to spend on getting the perfect take, editing, and overdubs.
The tracks below will give you an idea of the recording quality.

Music lessons on guitar, drums, or bass: $20/hour

Musician for hire: $20/hour

I've been playing drums for 15 years, guitar/bass/keys/vocals for 10. I can fill in for live shows, tours, or session recording. $20/hour of work is all I ask. The songs on the music player above were written, performed, and recorded entirely on my own with no help from outside sources.

HD Music Videos For your band

I create all my own hd music videos and I can do the same for your band. Whether you need someone to come up with a concept, film it, or edit, I can do it all for my usual rate of $20 per hour of work. I'll be releasing my band's first video soon, but until then, check out this video for some samples of my work.

The Voice of Death in Nature; a tribal drum and exotic instrument show

This show is best suited for deep wilderness, bars, house parties and clubs alike. A focus on tribal experience through exotic drums and instruments. Outdoors; we can have fire spinning, staffing, and more. Indoors; images and videos of consciousness in various forms, art and nature can be projected through and behind the performance. Tell it to the trees
 photo DSC03075-1.jpg
Being outdoors in a forest, park, or even your backyard enables us to bring the dynamic element of fire into the show. Let the flames mesmerize us in union. The drums tell your pulse what to do. Let's conjure a healing together. A universal experience. Below is an example of one of the songs in the set. "Tribal Spirit Drums(the meditation track)" is also included as part of this set.(videos coming soon)

Meditation Tracks

I've been meditating for almost 15 years now. I've been teaching people the ways of meditation for several years. The best teacher in my opinion are tribal drums. When you hear drums, your heart and brainwave patterns entrain to the beat of the drum guiding you into a trance. Different drum beats and tempos guide you into different states of being. These tracks can be enjoyed as music, as healing, or as spiritual teachings. With binaural beats we can radically shift your brain into certain states and include positive affirmations to help you with anything from quitting ciggarettes to assisting you in astral projection. The track below is a binaural beat meditation track. More on binaural beats can be obtained by clicking here If you would like a deeper explanation of meditation and how to do it, click here. At the moment, the track below is the only one I have available for listening and free download. There are several more that will be released with the full length album(which will be this spring). Email me if you would like personal lessons in meditation.

Tarot Readings $5+

Energy Healings

Energy healings/Reiki can be done in person or at a distance. Most of the healings I've performed have been long distance. They are just as effective as in person healings, and tend to work better for me because I am more comfortable with them. I usually ask for $10+ donations on energy healings because I put a lot of time and focus into them. Skeptical about energy healings? Whether or not legitimate healing is taking place, whether your believe it or not has a large influence on the success of the healing. Even a pharmacolgoy book will tell you that medicine is only as effective as the patient belives it to be. There have been studies recently done showing that actual surgery is often as effective as tricking the participant into believing they had been operated on when they hadn't. I personally believe energy healing to be very real, and with your belief we can heal all that ails you. Email me or Click here for more information.

Do you have dreads and need them fixed up?

JI've had mine for 10 years and have gotten lots of compliments on them. Most importantly, I'm almost 30 with dreads to my waist and I am not going bald :) I can help you there too for $20/hour. How long it takes really depends on your hair and how fucked up it is.

Models for Hire

I've done some modelling and would be down for shoots in the vein of alternative,goth,hippy, dark, surreal styles. I'm open to just about anything when it comes to paid work. I'll have portfolios avaiable online soon, until then email me for past work.