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A scrying mirror is a divination tool. Divination is the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events and current trends or discover hidden knowledge usually through the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers. Other forms of divination include tarot cards, tea leaves, runes, and of course the crystal ball. Different forms appeal to different people, whichever works best for you is the best choice. Only serious practioners of the occult are recommended to use these for divination or magickal purposes.
They come in any shape and size imagineable. Cost starts at $15 for a 5 x7 and goes up depending on the frame used.
Scrying mirrors are relatively simple to make. Making them yourselves is a great practice so you are sure of the energy being put into the implement. It will automatically be imbued with your energy. I will gladly make and sell you one if you'd prefer.
If you'd like to make one yourself just get yourself a frame and remove the glass. Paint the back side of the glass, and reinstall it into the frame. Make sure the unpainted side is facing you when you look at it. That's it. There are all kinds of rituals to consecrate the implement. Consecration lets the universe know that it is your implement and sets forth your intended use of said device. Let the mirror soak under the light of the full moon to really solidify this bond, cleanse, and charge it.
I cleanse and charge every mirror I make, though I do still recommend you do a personal consecration device if you plan on using it. If you need any ideas for consecration rituals, a search of your prefferred search engine, or a simple inquiry to yours truly should prove suffiecient.

$5+ depending on the frame

I will send a message to the email associated with your paypal to determine what size and design you are looking for.