So what's this blog all about? I started it a few years ago to document the recording of my full length debut album for my solo project Voices of the Dead. Voices of the Dead is a band with elements of death/tribal/industrial/black/horror/psychedelia/ and experimental metal. We also do tribal drum/exotic instrument meditation tracks and other weird experimental stuff. At this point the blog serves that purpose in addition to detailing the day to day adventures I live. You can expect stories of urban boon docking, wilderness survival, nature photography and video, weird stories about the crazy shit and interesting people we come across etc. Chock full of stoner moments, tarot reading, drum circles, cat adventures, witchcraft, consciousness expansion and more. You'll also find articles on consciousness expansion and self help in all areas. I'm interested in helping everyone be healthy, happy, successful and enlightened through my music, art, articles, tarot readings, energy healings and spiritual consultations. What the fuck are you waiting for? Scroll down and see for yourself!
-Scot(The Voice of Death)

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Lots of new things in the works for the band. I've been working a shit ton driving for Lyft in Boston which has funded all kinds of upgrades for me and the band. I got a brand new guitar, which has been long overdue. I was playing the same piece of shit that wasn't intonated at all and is probably the most difficult guitar on the planet to play. We now have a base of operations in Arlington, right outside of Boston. I have a home studio setup here complete with a new electronic kit so I can get back to playing drums. I'll be recording video playthroughs of all my songs for potentaial band members to learn my material. These will be on youtube soon.
On youtube now is a new clip of a video I shot at Mount Auburn cemetery in Cambridge, MA right over the river adjacent to Boston. This is one of the coolest cemeteries in the country and I filmed it in ultra HD with the new drone I bought for music videos. I have a shit ton of music videos planned for this year and now I have several ultra HD cameras to film it with. Here's an example of what the new videos and music will look and sound like.


Check out this video off my second album that is in the works. The video is from Sammy's patio in Revere, MA and the audio is the studio version where I wrote and recorded all the instruments and vocals. One of my heavier and more orchestral tracks. Check it out, give it a chance. It's only a few minutes, who knows, maybe it's your new favorite song.

January 7, 2016

. As Monty Python would say, "and now for something completely different" This is the second music video off my "Death. Rebirth" album. No blood, no gore, no dancing zombie chicks, double bass or blast beats. Just some sitar, tablas and me singing over video footage of a shoot in Vermont from 2012. Relaxing nature footage in the foggy green mountains, with some herb indulgence. Like, share, enjoy smile