For all meditation, dream or occult practices, keeping a journal of any significant events would be quite helpful. When looking back on things you can find validations and it's easier to notice patterns in your life, dreams and meditations when looking through retrospect. If any portion of this is unclear to you, please do not hesitate to ask me for clarification.

Why meditate?

When you're doing it right you feel love fire in every synapse, and radiating out of every cell in your body as it melts into the floor and worries of the material world burn away. Even I need to sift through several moments of chaotic thoughts and energy before the real meditation begins. In my experience this tends to take place around 15 minutes in and intensifies the longer you go. You know you are doing it right when you don't want stop. To get to this point you will have to fight through every stitch of negative energy within yourself, or accumalated from outside influences. Just being around negative people can imprint negativity into your aura. I feel the low vibration of such frequencies to be chaotic, and ugly. Once you get to this sweet spot in meditation, everything starts to slow down, and smooth out. This is when visions can occur along with the most fascinating phenomena that you'll just have to see for yourself. To get to this point takes determination. Your body will be screaming at you to adjust the position you're in, but ignore it, be still and push through with positive affirmations. Tell yourself "mind awake, body asleep" to encourage the shutdown of messages from your physical body. Envision your consciousness flowing into a drain and splitting into an infinite array of particles that merges with every cell of the infinite universe. Feel yourself as each of these atoms. Breathe these vibes into your being. Picture it any way you can, anything is possible at this point. We need daily meditation because there is a constant internal dialogue that must be heard out or it will make your life a living hell. It's going on throughout every second of your waking and sleeping life, and it's usually thrown back into the dark recesses of the subconscious. This is the voice that will also say "I told you so" in retrospect of events we wish we had gone through differently. Meditating is giving that voice an open forum to express all it's concerns and suggestions. There's only so much to be said, if you sit and listen long enough, eventually it will run out of things to say. That is where real meditation takes place, or at least the real magick of meditation.

Simple basic meditation

Sit in a comfortable position. Not so comfortable that you may fall asleep.
Relax, breathe slow. Breathe long deep breaths, making sure your stomach rises before your chest. Fill the lungs, all the way into the back of your lungs. On the exhale, feel your diaphragm sinking down towards your back, pushing all the air out, detoxifying your body.
Focus on your breathing, count each inhale, from 1 one-thousand, up to 5 or 7 one-thousand, and then also for each exhale count. You can do an ascending count for the inhale, descending for the exhale, or you could do ascending for both, or even descending for both. I'd recommend changing it up and just do what appeals to you for this particular meditation session.
Try to clear your mind, focus on the black screen on the inside of your forehead. If any thoughts come to your mind, just acknowledge them and return to focusing on your breath. If a particular thought seems to be persistant or needs your attention, you could either focus on it and try to decipher its importance or discern a message regarding it. You could also write it down in your notebook. This could be as far as you take it, just continue doing this for as long as you like.
A minimum of 10 mins daily is ideal in the beginning, and the longer you do it, the more intense it will become. At least 20 minutes each day is what you should be working towards. Don't worry or get upset if you have to constantly redirect your thoughts to your breathing. Over time it will become easier, becoming upset defeats the purpose of meditation. Don't worry if you aren't "feeling it," just put in the time and it will pay off.

You could take it a step further, by doing the following:

As a few minutes start to go by, you'll begin to notice a wave coming over you. It will be a feeling of relaxation. Start to tense all the muscles in your body, one area at a time from your feet to your head. Start with your feet and lower legs, tighten them for a couple seconds and then release. And then do your upper legs and ass, then your torso, then arms, then the neck and face. Upon comlpetion, mentally tell yourself "I am now completely relaxed. I am entering deep relaxtion."
It will be as if a warm invisivle blanket surrounds your body. It's a good feeling. It's similar to any other endorphin rush; ie food, drugs, alcohol, sex. It's better though, it's a divine connection to a higher source, to your subconscious, higher self. It's your intuition, and your connection with every other person, animal, plant or object in the universe; it's the universal consciousness.
Try to focus on this feeling, and feel it washing over your entire body. Try to increase the intensity of it. This energy can be used for many things. Personally I've used it to heal sickness in myself, make pain go away, relieve depression, anger, recieve visions, contact spirits and even just to feel really fucking good. I've simulated many sensations similar to different types of drugs, but like I said, its a much more pure feeling than any drug gives you. Security.

Entering a trance

From here you can then go into a trance, which is also called "self hypnosis."
There are endless ways to enter a trance, whatever works best for you is the one you should use. Here are a few suggestions. The ones with an "*" at the beggining are ones I have come up with myself. Start each one by mentalling affirming to yourself "I am now entering a trance." Once you have completed the suggestions listed here, be sure to tell yourself "I am now deep in a trance." You can say this to yourself as much as you like. Mental affirmations are an amazing way to work with trances and to engage neuroplasticity to help you change things within yourself that no longer serve you. I recommend researching mental affirmations. I'll be including an article on this subject in the near future.

A) The simplest way of doing this is just remembering the feeling of falling straight down, or diagnally down and back, and then recreating the feeling in your body. Use the memory of going down in an elevator, an escalator, walking down stairs or whatever it is that appeals to you and enables you to remain relaxed. You could use more visually stimulating or vivid situations.

B) You are in a mine shaft elevator with open sides. Visualize the walls going up around you as you descend.

C)* Imagine yourself walking through a gorgeous forest, find a hole in something big enough to fit it. A cave, start to walk into the cave. Its starts to get darker and darker, but theres nothing to fear because you are in a place that only you could ever be. Stairs appear in front of you and you walk down them, it gets darker and darker, until you reach complete darkness. Then as you continue down the stairs, you begin wading into water. Eventually you are completely submerged, floating in the water. This is your subconscious, and you are now in a trance.

D*) The method that works quickest and and is the most intense for me is as follows. I imagine I'm sitting on the front seat of a ridiculously fast rollercoaster, but facing the opposite direction, going backwards down the biggest hill. Picture this for as long as you feel necessary depedning on how deep of a trance you wish to achieve. This method is too extreme for many people. If you are one of them, just avoid it entirely. If you are looking to take your trance to the next level, I strongly recommend this one.