Think about the effects of positive thinking in a logical sense, aside from the occult perspective. If your attitude is negative, you shut positive experience out of being a possibile reality so your brain shifts into thinking of how to go about things in such a way to negate positivity. Good things don't always just happen for no reason, but if you have strong confidence and optimism about positive outcomes, your brain will start considering all the possible ways of achieving this. Humans use less than 10% of their brains. Put the rest of that lazy motherfuck to work! Anything that has ever happened to you is retained within your brain, and consider how much of your life you could actually consicously recall. I bet it's a hell of a lot less than 100% of every second of your life. It is in there though. The brain can be trained for extreme feats of memory. Look into the world memory championships for examples. They activate a higher percentage of the human mind than the average person through nothing but simple training that anyone can do. With knowledge of such vast power of the mind, think about what you can do with optimism. That same brain power can be applied to thinking of ways to get what you want. There are always multiple ways to do something, some more far fetched than others, but anything is possible. Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and we still have people coming up with new ideas every day. The mind is amazing at using past experience to gauge responses to future situations. With conscious knowledge of all of this, you can easily guide your subconscious to do all the hard work for you. Once you "fill" your subsconscious with excess fuel(optimism) it begins to overflow exponentially to the amount you have put in. Your subconscious works at a higher level than the mind, always in parallel with each other. Even if you are not consciously aware, the subsconscious is doing its own thing. Without even consciously thinking about what you are trying to achieve ideas begin to just burst into your brain. Your brain essentially becomes a magnet, attracting whatever intention/desire you have put forth. The more effort you put in, the stronger the magnet becomes. Just be patient. There's a very valid reason for patience. If you arent patient and are in a mad rush to get to the end goal, you will in no way be balanced to handle that end goal. Think about it. How overwhelming could it potentially be to realize you just made something about your life change, only with thought. Being patient, centered, and balanced allows you to be open, and able to recieve such a revelation. Even still, the energy surge you experience when something comes to fruition can be quite intense. It is intense, and possibly the most amazing experience possible, throughout all of human experience.