The witches broom made famous for it's use in astral projection and led to the myth of witches flying through the sky on broomsticks. Used in rituals, astral projection, or even just as a decoration. Currently available we have Vermont Besoms, Salem Besoms, and Bama Besoms. Florida Besoms coming soon the most primordial besom from Voices of the Dead. Click here for more information on besoms.

Quartz healing crystals.

Charged with whatever type of energy it is you need or desire, excluding malicious intent or interferring with free will. Need money, love, or a new job? Looking to calm a relationship with your significant other, co worker, or boss? Want to change something about yourself? Whatever you can imagine, I can create a spell and charge the quartz with it.
 photo smallerquartz.jpg

Price varies depending on quartz and the spell being programmed. Make an offer :)

Scrying Mirrors

 photo scryingmirror8x11.jpg
A divination tool to help you see whatever you desire. Access the akashic records to see all that ever was, is, and will be. Not for the uninitiated/dabbling. Serious use only. Click picture for more information.

Minimum donation $10+ depending on frame


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Runes are an ancient Germanic alphabet used by the Vikings for writing, divination and magick. These runes are hand made using the Elder Futhark alphabet. They inclue the "Odin" or "blank" rune which is thought to be historically inaccurate, so it is up to you if you use it or not. I personally relate quite significantly to it. It has ties to "The Fool" of the Tarot. Click picture for more information.