I've been doing tarot readings and energy healings since 2010, I can do them in person or you can send me your name and desired result of the healing and we can communicate online or however you feel comfortable. Both readings, and healings work on essentially the same principle.
You may know of the more mainstream version of energy healing which is called "Reiki." Reiki is merely one form of healing that originates from japan and has achieved mainstream recognition. It is even being practiced in hospitals now. I study all the forms of energy healing available including reiki, qi gong(chinese), native american practices, norse shaminism, chakra cleansing(indian) and many more. There are many people who think they can't be done online, but I don't agree there. Some of the most profound readings and healings I have done for people were through the internet and I had never met them. All matter is energy at the atomic level. We are all one energy. A universal consciousness. Why would I need to come to you if we're all already connected as individual atoms in the body of the universe?

I'm doing healings for a donation of $10 or whatever you feel is appropriate. I take healings very seriously and there is a lot of preperation that goes into it. You can use paypal, or any major debit or credit card. It's all handled through paypal so it's all secure. I won't see any details pertaining to your card.