The story of the band and the recording of "Death. Rebirth"

It is the pure expression of a solitary soul.

I play every instrument, I make every piece of artwork, record, mix, promote, manage, and book every aspect of the band myself. I make the merch, direct and act in the music videos, do the special fx makeup and even do all the web design and maintenence.

There has been a revolving door of live musicians playing the material I write coming and going since 2006 , which continues to this day.
I have self booked and promoted tours from Toronto to Florida, Massachusetts to Indiana and nearly everything in between.
Early 2011 saw the re:re:re recrording of what is to be the Death.Rebirth. album commence. It was released on the 2014 winter solstice.

The early stages of the band were a dark phase of my life, surrounded by toxic people; friends, loved ones, girlfriends, fellow musicians and the like. I had toxic aspects within myself. All of this coupled with a new obsession with all things death and gore and a rejection of the deep and philosophical led to an angry, hate filled, negative, alcohol fueled death and drug obsessed mindset. I would spend months on end immersing myself in nothing but documentaries on serial killers, horror movies, forensic shows and the like to further indulge this dark mindset. At this time I was also in college anatomy classes. On the way to class I would drive by the hospital, frequently with a hearse in the driveway and would get caught up in funeral processions on the way to one of several cemeteries on my commute. I'd get to class and while learning about the anatomy of the body, doodle all the gorey morbid stuff that I was being taught. Next class was lab, where I would be dissecting a fetal pig. It's probably no coincidence that fetal pig dissections became a staple of our stage show. On the way home I would stop in my favorite cemetery and usually come back after dark for ghost hunting.

During this time I accomplished my life dream of touring the country with my band. All self booked and financed, it was the only thing on my bucket list and I checked it off in my early twenties. This left me searching for more. I was sick of being miserable and needed some changes.

I started back up with meditation, and even adopted vegetetarianism and yoga. This led me to cut all toxic people out of my life so I could shed my skin and be reborn. Unfortunately this meant I had to cut literally everyone out of my life. The next year and a half I went into hiding. The band was on hold and I was left with nothing and no one. I delved deep within myself and focused on improving my life through occult practices and striving for a life of positivity. 2 years in and everything was different. I experienced a symbolic rebirth. I came out stronger, healthier and happier than ever before. I had to re write some song parts and lyrics to reflect the new nature based positive occult perspective which took another year. At that point I began re-recording the album which was to eventually be the "Death. Rebirth" album. The majority of it had been written years prior but it needed some fine tuning to fit with where I was at in life. After a couple years I had the bulk of the CD recorded and was working with some live line ups here and there but nothing serious.

As I was nearing completion of the album, I was kicked out of where I was living. With no real job and no where to live I packed up my van and drove to the national forests to live in the woods, totally off the grid. I lived like that for a year or so, travelling around the country camping in the middle of nowhere with little to no access to the outside world. I have blogs, pictures, and videos detailing the whole journey. It really was amazing.

Eventually I came out of it and returned to civilization and it was like all the pieces fell back into place. I found a live lineup, the best so far, finsihed my album and it's almost like everything picked up where I left off 5 years ago.

The Death, Rebirth album still retains a deep focus on death, gore and horror but also now includes perspectives of expanded consciousness. Cognitive Dissonance, a song originally about gore and murder is now a focus on the fucked up aspects of society and how confronting it is difficult for the average person psychologically. There is an urgent cry throughout the album to "wake up." What was originally just an obsession with death and gore is now a mirror, reflecting the fucked up aspects of society in hopes to rattle the cage enough to wake people up. We are not just a band, but a tribal movement with all the elements of socio cultural context. A primal art project that takes you on a consciousness expanding journey.

A deeper explanation of what the band is

The collective unconsciousness has designed our way of life through every choice we make.

The archetypes that exist in this nebulous layer of our current reality manifest through the will.
These archetypes are the voices of the dead in today's parasitic, lifeless human space.

Life is perceived to be a mere existence in a restricted woven fabric of space and time.
Voices of the Dead is the sound of the rustling leaves from the Viking tree of life encouraging evolution.
Voices of the Dead is the voice of the kundalini rising through the chakras to a higher state of consciousness.

Voices of the dead signifies the Om. The omnipresent primordial vibration that is latent in us, pulsating to every moment of our conscious/unconscious interactions.
Our music comes from these levels of understanding.
Every note resonates from within and is expressed on the material plane to channel through the grids of your perception.
Our music is here to fire the synapses in your neural pathways and help you explore the beautiful landscapes within our collective unconsciousness that life has to offer.
Let us also not forget the beautiful landscapes of our once flourishing planet.

The dark elements in our work symbolize the death blooming from within as a necessity to awaken us from the confines of human conditioning.
It reflects the pain that had been endured to reveal life in its endearing beauty.
To break away from any conditioned set of beliefs that restrict the mind.
Our expressions breathe of freedom, devoid of form. Encouraging rebirth.
Our art is open to all eyes, shedding all preconceived notions and stereotypes.
We are striving towards a constantl learning journey stemming from a synthesis of all the best aspects of the worlds spiritual practices and beliefs systems to have an individual experience within the context of the universal consciousness, with none of the conformity or power struggles.
Do what comes naturally based on theological study, subjective experience and introspection.

I'm here to help wherever possible.

I'm made it my mission to learn how to be as happy, healthy and positive as possible.

You could call me a witch although I don't paritcularly identify with any one path.
I've been doing tarot readings, spiritual advising and energy healings for years.

I want to heal the planet and all that it contains. I'm here to teach you how to begin or evolve on that path.