Binaural beats, or entrainment. To understand binaural beats, you first need to understand how consciousness works in the brain. For every level of consciousness you experience as a human being, your brain operates on certain frequencies. Sleeping, dreaming, extreme focus, tripping on shrooms, daydreaming, smoking weed, being drunk, trances, these are all examples of altered states of consciousness. You also need to know that the brain entrains to outside audio stimulus. "Entrainment" is the process of your brain adjusting its own frequencies to match those of the outside stimulus. Not just any audio will work though, the frequencies operating in human consciousness are parodoxically too low in frequency to be heard by the human ear. So with binaural beats, you essentially have to "trick" your brain into thinking it's hearing a frequency that it isn't. By playing a different frequency in each of your ears, your brain will entrain to the difference between the two. So for example, if you have one ear playing a sound at 72 hz, and the other ear at 80 hz, your brain will entrian to a frequency of 8 hz, bringing you into a deep alpha state. It's really a fascinating technology, but it can have downsides. I myself have experienced them at one point, but I think they are easily avoidable through a few key tips. Working with the chakras, or the energy bodies will prepare you. Meditation, yoga, and qi gong are also excellent adjuncts to a life with binaural beats. Keeping the law of attraction in mind, stay positive and be in control of your emotions at all times to achieve the most positive results. The ideal candidate for use of binaural beats would be someone that meditates and does yoga or qi gong daily, balances/cleanses their chakras regularly, has some understanding of the astral planes and astral travel, and is firmly grounded in reality and balanced in all of the aspects of the self. If the average person were to listen to this in headphones, it could lead to a kundalini crisis which can be a very negative experience if there are any blockages in your energy bodies. It can lead to headaches, or overly emotional outbursts, or even sickness. This technology only works if you listen to it with headphones, so if you listen to it through speakers then you won't be prone to any adverse side effects. Human consciousness, and ultimately evolution or expansion of the consciousness is a fascinating journey. I invite you to join me on the journey. Through my binaural beats we will be as one, as we all are meant to be. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. My life's work is equal parts art, occult, and helping people through the journey of enlightenment. It would be my pleasure to assist you in any and all of your spiritual concerns. I will be expanding on this article, and adding many more in the near future so check back for updates. Join the mailing list to be the first to hear all news regarding Voices of the Dead.