We tend to give away most of our merch for free. If you can afford it, buy it. If you can't afford something but would like anything you see here, send us an email and we will work something out. If you would like to donate more or less than the advertised price let us know. Bartering is always the preferred method. Offer to trade us something we want or need in exchange for some merch!

Booty shorts!! $10! Brand new to the Voices of the Dead Merch table!


Voices of the Dead's full length debut album, 7 years in the making! "Death.Rebirth"

Bus of the Dead Zip up Hoodies!! $30!

The Voice of Death; Mouthless Zip up Hoodies!! $30!!

Back View of both hoodies

Bumper stickers! $2!

Vermont Autumn Tshirts!! $13!

White logo shirts! $10!




Buttons! Only $1 each!

Digital downloads!! $1

Physical Releases

Death.Rebirth.Demo my most recent demo featuring Witches of Salem, Post Mortem Infants, Getting High with the Dead, The Abyss, Cognitive Dissonance

Voices of the Deads' first demo! Featuring The Abyss, Adrenochrome, and Formaldehyde. (no longer available)