The Amygdla

It seems our society is almost entirely dictated by the amygdla, the reptilian part of the brain which is responsible for primal instincts such as fear, anxiety, ritual displays, ego, and aggression. It's the part of the brain leftover after our evolution into humans.

It's ironic, because these aspects of the brain need to be shut out, while still retaining a relationship with our primal side. Without it we can not survive in nature, but when we over embrace it, power hungry war mongering sociopaths are able to gain power and authority enabling a broad and manipultive platform to tell us how to act, think, feel, and eat through their control of the media. 95% of all media are owned by 6 parent company corporations. i'm not asking you to take my word for it, look it up for yourself.

Said sociopaths have ushered us into a system that creates money out of thin air. In the us each bank is only required to have reserves equal to 10% of its checkable deposits. So if 100% of us were to go to our prospective banks right now, 90% would be shit out of luck. Bills and coins are fiat currency(nothing of value to back them up) and fiat currency makes up only a small portion of the money in circulation in the world.

Where does all the money come from? whenever a bank writes a loan, that money is quite literally pulled out of thin air and manually entered into a checking or savings account(as long as they have at least 10% of the loans value on hand in the form of checking deposits). This isn't a conspiracy theory, look up how money is created. That could be the subject of an entire book in and of itself.

Using banks is directly contributing to corporate fat cats getting richer, as our dollar loses it's value day by day. The average life expectancy of a fiat currency system is 27 years. The longest existing fiat currency, the british pound has deppreciated 99.5% since it's inception just over 300 years ago.

As if that isn't bad enough, the us government is currently listed as the second biggest threat to world peace just behind iran, who hasn't invaded one country since WW2. the us has invaded iran repeatedly in that time frame among many many others. When you pay income taxes you are directly supporting the biggest terrorist organization in the history of the world. The corporate fat cats holding the puppet strings behind the scenes are making money off of both sides of any given war through military contracting, all the while, they are dumping toxic chemicals into our food and water supply that dumb us down, deplete our immune system, impair our neurological and cognitive functioning.

Whenever you take out a loan from a bank, buy any taxed good, pay income taxes or buy food and water from anything but a local organic source, you are contributing to all of these problems. The only real solution is to grow/raise/create what you can on your own and then use those items to barter for what you need. It's easier than you'd think, and places all over the world are starting to follow suit. Are you ready to evolve?