Food additives, the human ego, and shiny things

Preservatives, additives, genetic engineering and the like have come to be as a pure expression of the human ego. Why would we just continue to use real ingredients that exist for free. Let's play science and make the ingredients just to take credit and charge a fee for it's use. Sure it is a cool technology and discovery but it's time we ease on the brakes, put away the chemistry set and remember that it was all done best the first time around. Best of all, it all exists freely unless you fail to use them.
How was all this facilitated and simultaneously motived? Shiny things. Humans love shiny things so much that we based all currency on it. It entranced us so deeply that we even allowed the concept to be transferred abstractly to a less shiny medium and still our gaze remains fixed upon it. It has us enslaved. All mainstream United States life is motivated by a piece of paper that used to represent something shiny. We all try and hoard as much for ourselves to provide security similar to our viking ancestors but that was one of the few short comings of that culture.
Paper doesn't make me feel secure, nor a plastic shiny card. Growing all your own food, harvesting solar and wind power for unlimited and nearly maintenance free electricity for life, collecting water from myriad natural resources and cooking over a fire made with only gathered materials from nature makes me feel secure. Damn secure. What'll you do when the electricity goes out? Or if you lose your job for reasons irreversible and out of your hands? How will you survive when the money runs out? No job is completely secure. We live in a world where cops have been fired for intervening when one of their coworkers exhibits excessive force. Minimum wage retail franchise jobs REGULARLY wipe out entire retail staffs when new managers come on board, it's actually standard practice and I've seen it first hand. How will you fare in survival mode?